Re—imagining our world

Over the past couple of months, I've had my moments in struggling to face our new normal in a positive light. When the world changes abruptly and a downturn seems more likely than an upside, you forget that you're supposed to embrace change, not be frustrated or impeded by it. Even in the darkest of times, humans have prevailed in finding silver linings.

I have never been more aware of the power of resiliency. Being able to venture forward and adjust to a new lifestyle is a testament to one’s grit and emotional intelligence. We're no longer in the "before state," questioning whether or not we’ll have to go through something another person across the pond has been dealing with a week before. We're in the middle of it all, tasked with coming up with creative and imaginative ways of adapting.

My creativity and self-awareness has ultimately been the fuel for my resiliency. Being able to question what I truly view as essential, as well as adjusting to a new world, has proven to be my newfound strength in envisioning a new normal for myself including the things and people I care about.

I have never felt more pushed to the edge to think about the ways in which my community is reacting to a situation as well as learn from one another on how to adapt to constant uncertainty. We are all new to this, people from across every industry are now responsible for rethinking solutions, business models, education, and assistance. Over the last couple of weeks, politicians, teachers, executives, and healthcare workers have sought to reimagine the way people work, live, and communicate:

→ Andrew Cuomo has had to reimagine ways to settle down a city that never sleeps.

→ Fashion companies have had to reimagine ways to produce and showcase clothing.

→ Teachers have had to reimagine ways in which students learn.

→ Women have had to reimagine what work-life balance means to them.

Every one of us is rethinking how to go about our work, life, relationships, career, and experiences. Many old ways of seeking refuge are no longer available. Our lives have become interconnected by a common experience that makes us feel uncomfortable. We are tasked with reflection. We are faced with the brutal reality of answering tough questions. We are left with honest inquiry into what truly fulfills us and what makes the most impact in our global environment.

I've had pretty good teachers in learning how to reimagine. As part of the re—inc team, I've never felt more prepared to reimagine the world around me. The re—inc mission is to "reimagine the status quo." Before the current situation unfolded, re—inc already believed in the power of reinventing our world. Our mission has never felt more true. As a team, we've worked on developing products to help our community face change with strength, instead of resistance, by championing equity, creativity, progress, and art. To reimagine is a global message now associated with resiliency and it only grows stronger when gathering as a team.

Months before COVID-19, we were working on designing a product that would help guide people to answer questions about their career, community, and aspirations. The product was to distill the mission of the company into five values: revolt, rediscover, reimagine, redefine, renew.

Today, we're launching the Reset the Table Cards amidst a pandemic. When brainstorming some of the questions, never did I think this product would be released in a time when everyone is facing the same question: what the hell do we do now? Nevertheless, the following questions that came to mind 3-4 months ago have acquired ever greater meaning:

1. Share a time when you felt compelled to make a drastic change. What provoked it?

2. Picture reconvening at this table in five years. What victory stories will we share with each other?

3. Share a time someone helped you find clarity. How can you help others do the same?

4. In an increasingly technological world, how do we rediscover community?

5. What is an old passion you’d like to reignite?

6. What is an idea you shelved that you’ve always wanted to pursue?

7. What are you most curious about? What would it take for you to dive deeper?

8. If you could shake up any industry right now, which one would it be?

9. If everything could be done in an instant (travel, cooking, work, etc.), what would you want to slow down for?

10. Who or what drains your spirit? What can you do to counteract this?

The Reset the Table Cards launch today to help us learn, both independently and as a group, how to redefine our principles, rediscover old hobbies, renew our sense of self, and revolt against dark patterns.

We have an opportunity to reimagine and reconnect. We hope you find this product useful, empowering, and supportive in accomplishing what we may think is impossible.


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