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2 years @ re—inc

November 13, 2021

Reflecting on the last two years supporting re—inc.

A Year at YouTube

April 15, 2021

Sharing a bit about my experience and what I've learned working on the Strategic Bets product team at YouTube, focusing on live TV and streaming monetization.

I'm Maya, a design- and business-minded creator & investor.

I became interested in technology after starting a D2C swimwear brand as a high school student based in Miami, breaking even during the first year of launch. After then developing a website and app for an AP study platform that reached 500K+ users, I decided to pursue a career in tech, curious by product and design. At Cornell, I founded several side projects including a community program called Backyard and a female empowerment platform and newsletter called Let's Hear It.

I've helped lead the execution and design of scalable products and initiatives across different spaces. I've planned a launch strategy for 300M+ queries per day on Google Search, designed helpful tools for SMBs at Facebook, researched growth and subscription models at Rent the Runway. Recently, I led the launch of MLB Live Sports on YouTube (went from 0 content to test on to a fully launched monetized product). Currently working on Google's Food marketplace product supporting i18n, monetization, and consumer experiences on Search & Maps.

I'm an Advisor to re—inc since founding in 2019 in supporting our team across partnerships, new product development, and product & membership strategy. I personally invest across ecomm/D2C/CPG, marketplaces, and crypto/creator platforms & tools (ex: Alt, Une Femme, Weekend Fund, Syndicate).

Born & raised in MIA, based in SF. 🇮🇱🇧🇷


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